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5 easy ways to kick those sugar cravings FOR GOOD!

Posted on: November 10, 2016, by AMYLEEACTIVE

The festive season is finally over, and you’re committed to a healthier, fitter 2017. Dealing with a sugar-binge hangover is no fun, and on top of that, the more sugar you eat, the more you crave — it can take a few days or even weeks to get over an addiction to refined sugar once you start. Not only that, but eating too much refined sugar has been shown to speed up your body’s ageing process.

If you’re wondering “How do I get off sugar?” you’re not alone. Overconsumption of sugar is one of the primary causes of obesity, and the Western diet’s love affair with this cheap, pervasive, and addictive substance has caused record levels of this epidemic. Beating sugar addiction is a matter of retraining yourself to be more mindful of why you eat, what you eat, and how much you eat.

If you know you can’t resist sweet temptations, read on to learn 5 simple strategies that will keep you on the right track!


1. Make it a habit


If you always order dessert after dinner, or reach for a chocolate bar every day at 3 p.m., your body gets used to it. It’s muscle memory. It gets ingrained in your brain. Most of the time, if you really tune in to your body, you’ll realise you don’t even feel like sugar at all, it’s just a habit.

If this sounds like you, make sure you’re aware of your eating patterns and mindfully tune in and listen to your body – this is key to kicking the habit. Twenty-one days is often quoted as the time it takes to truly break an old habit (or create a new one) so give it a go, it takes commitment and practice. Don’t do it for a day and expect results, be realistic and consistent!


2. Eat Protein, Fat & Fibre


Now that you’ve cut sugar, what can you eat? Focus on eating the most satiating foods: lean protein, healthy fats and fibre. These nutrients in particular will keep you full and keep your blood sugar stable. My favourite sources of lean protein are fish, chicken breast, turkey mince and legumes. For heart-healthy fats, try avocado, coconut oil and activated nuts. Fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables for fiber and healthy digestion.

In particular, eat foods high in the minerals chromium and magnesium, to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels, helping to reduce sugar cravings. Chow on: dark leafy greens, wholegrains, eggs, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and raw cacao.

So this means breakfast might be a protein shake, with some chia seeds for healthy fats and fiber. Lunch or dinner might be tuna (protein and fat) over salad and veggies (fiber) with half an avocado (fat). Click here for some of my easy sugar-free recipes I use for meal prep!

Vegan Pulled Pork Tacos

3. Stay Hydrated


Many cravings and health issues are the result of being dehydrated. One of the symptoms of dehydration is fatigue, which leads many people to reach for sugar and/or caffeine for ‘energy’. Next time you feel a hankering for sugar, try having a huge glass of water first, then reassess your feelings. You’ll be surprised how often they simply disappear.  Try having warm water with some lemon or apple cider vinegar, or even some soaked chia seeds to refresh, hydrate and detoxify. Reaching for sugary snacks is never a good option.


4. Be aware of hidden sugar


Sugar is labelled with many different names, which makes avoiding it difficult. Not everything that contains sugar uses that specific word in the list of ingredients, so here’s a list of some alternative names for sugar to look out for.

Agave Nectar

Agave Syrup

Fruit Juice

Fruit Juice Concentrate


Glucose Solids

Golden Syrup


5. Have a Sweet Treat


Yes, you read that correctly! It’s all about balance, not deprivation. I have a few healthier sweet treat ideas up my sleeve that can really come in handy when you want a snack that’s not a sugar bomb. Chocolate Mousse. An apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Matcha Choc Chip Cookies. A warm cup of almond milk with a dash of raw cacao powder, cinnamon and stevia. All of these can really hit the spot! Check out my healthy dessert recipes  for more idea to truly satisfy those sweet cravings, naturally.

Chocolate Mousse Tart

Please share: what tips have helped you to quit the white stuff?

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