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Is Your Financial Health affecting your Wellbeing?

Posted on: January 3, 2017, by AMYLEEACTIVE

I know what you’re thinking – finances aren’t exactly a topic that springs to mind in relation to wellness; but, in actual fact, the way you manage your money is a sign of the positivity you invite into your life – or lack thereof. It can truly play an integral role in your happiness.

At the Wellineux Atelier Workshops, it’s all about fostering health in all aspects of your life, leading to the most ‘well’ version of you! The second-last workshop of the Wellineux Atelier Series was definitely an interesting one, aimed at answering the question – Is your financial health affecting your wellbeing?

Over a nourishing wholefoods breakfast, with delicious zucchini and buckwheat pancakes and smoothies, it was wonderful to hear from Wellineux’s CFO, Aaron March, on the role of finances and happiness – do they truly bring ‘wealth’ to your life?

Aaron began with an intriguing thought-starter – reflect on times in your life when you were happiest; what role did finances play during this time?

​To reinforce the thinking on this topic, the Ted Talk, “How a Penny Made Me Feel Like A Millionaire” was played, where Tania Luna tells the amazing story of her impoverished beginnings, moving from Ukraine to America from the devastating Chernobyl disaster. The key message was that you don’t need to have millions to be millionaire. The value of wealth is realized with scarcity; if a little thing makes you happy, you have knowledge about life and it’s hard conditions. It’s a great reminder that in the flow of life, we can forget to be grateful for what life actually brings.

Put simply, money is an enabler, nothing more and nothing less. Aaron encourages us to think of money as energy that can provide us with choice, freedom, opportunity and security.

The key takeaways are to not be enslaved to it, but to embrace it:


  • Have a Measuring System: what gets measured, gets achieved. Recording detail leads to greater analysis and understanding of where your finances going – an app like the Level Money connects to your bank account and automatically calculates your income, recurring bills and suggests what weekly and monthly spending should be. Pocketbook is another app that makes personal finance ridiculously simple, it shows all your financial transactions, minimizes bank fees, and keeps you on track with budgets.
  • Savings: set a savings goal related to a purpose such as saving to do a  yoga. An easy way to save is to set your pay check on autotransfer, to an account you can’t touch! It’s an instant way to get satisfaction
  • Capacity Utilization: You’d be amazed at what you have lying around that’s money collecting dust – check out Etsy and Gumtree to sell your pre-loved wares, AirBNB, when you’re on holiday or take advantage of peak holiday times in your city, or even Uber, if you have the spare time to make extra cash!
  • Pay It forward: an old concept for repaying kindness to others, instead of the original benefactor, can have the greatest returns on the wealth of your happiness. Try something as simple and satisfying as buying a coffee for the person behind you.

​It was great to leave with simple, but practical financial tips that everyone can utilise – the Wellineux workshops always have me leaving feeling empowered and energized. As always after every workshop, there is a gift box to take home to help continue your personal journey of self-improvement; this time, we left with goodies from One Hot Yoga, Wilson Advisory, Mama Natura, Yoga XTC and much more. Money Buckets to help with our spending and savings plan were also included. And of course, it’s always wonderful to catch up with the Wellineux team and meet other like-minded individuals.

I can’t wait for the last workshop in the Wellineux Atelier Series, themed “Growth” on April 19, 2016. The inspirational and beautiful Sarah Holloway from Matcha Maiden will be talking about her amazing entrepreneurial journey, from personal growth to career progression. Book your spot here!

To get in the matcha spirit, don’t forget to check out some of my delicious Matcha Maiden desserts!


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