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Cheatmeal-ing right at Rock Paper Scissors

Posted on: February 19, 2016, by AMYLEEACTIVE
A variety of dishes at Rock Paper Scissors in Port Melbourne including freakshake, pancakes, and rosti.

Rock, Paper, or Scissors, whatever you choose, it’s bound to be a winner.

A variety of dishes at Rock Paper Scissors in Port Melbourne including freakshake, pancakes, and rosti.

You’ll find this minimalist, light-filled, and industrially chic café that is Rock Paper Scissors in the beachy suburb of Port Melbourne – and I’d have to say, even though it’s only 3 months old, it’s the definite gem of Bay St.

Classic brunch lovers will find all the usual brekky and lunch favourites – smashed avo, smoothie bowl, pancakes, superfood breakfasts, corn fritters, shakshouka baked eggs, sliders and salads. Lovely caffeination from Sydney coffee roasters Toby’s Estate – pleased to say my “extra hot skinny cap” order was perfectly and promptly fulfilled.

Latte art perfection at Rock Paper Scissors, the coffee beans used are by Toby's Estate.

​We had the Rosti Breakfast – 2 house made potato rostis, topped with smoked salmon, grilled asparagus, smoked capsicum relish, herbed dressing and a poached egg. Each element was beautifully presented and downright delicious.

Rosti with smoked salmon, asparagus and a poached egg at Rock Paper Scissors

The same could be said for the Buttermilk Pancakes – 3 medium-sized pancakes, with grilled banana, strawberries, goji berries, shaved honeycomb, kiwi fruit, double cream, and maple syrup. These pancakes set the standard for perfectly fluffy pancakes; they were SO scrumptious.

Delicious, sweet, decadent Hot Cakes at Rock Paper Scissors, one of their most popular dishes

Andddd now the sweet sweet highlight – the Nutella Freakshake. The Freakshake (totally OTT milkshakes) trend is widespread in Melbourne, and often look like a work of art, but tend to be a bit skimpy on ingredients. But, I’d have to say Rock Paper Scissors’ take on the Freakshake would be up there in the top 3. Freshly baked, house-made Nutella donut (pumped FULL of Nutella, not just resting on top), Nutella all THROUGH the entire shake, and SPREAD all over the rim, with added choc cookie crumbles. Freakshakes are on average priced around $12, and this one was at $10.50, VERY reasonably priced.

Nutella Freakshake at Rock Paper Scissors, complete with a Nutella donut on top!

We dined at 1:30pm, and the café was moderately vacant, and from this, I couldn’t fault the service – the food and coffee were quick and the waitstaff polite and attentive. Zack, (the owner of the café aswell as two other Melbourne gems The Social Glutton and Spinifex) was lovely and always keen for a chat!

Rock Paper Scissors breakfast spread featuring hot cakes, coffee, nutella freakshake, and potato rosti

The dishes are predominantly priced from $14.5 to $17.5, which is on the cheaper end of cafes (which normally average around $20 a dish). The prices reflect the sizing, which to the eye appears smaller than average. However, the ingredients are the highest quality, and upon tasting the richness of the dishes, I’d say it is quite fairly priced. And my eyes may have been bigger than my stomach, because I was stuffed and satisfied after! ​​



Rock Paper Scissors Cafe in Port Melbourne simple logo Location: 136-138 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne 3207

Phone: 03 9676 9917


Cuisine: Cafe


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